District 10 President's Message


Fall 2015


Dear PMEA District 10 Colleagues,

            It is with a great deal of excitement and delight that I greet you all for the first time as your PMEA District 10 President. For the past two years, I have had the honor and pleasure to serve as your First Vice President and observe the inner-workings of the PMEA machine as guided by the capable hands of John Potlunas who will now enjoy his term as Second Vice President. I would like to publically thank John, as well as Matt Wehr, for their service to PMEA and welcome Jason Lerew onto the executive board as your new First Vice President. Thanks also to Dan Long for his many years of service as our district Secretary/Treasurer.         

            I am pleased to serve in this role as a proud alumnus of PMEA District 10 having participated in District, Region, and State level events as a student from Parkland High School in the late 1990s. I earned my Bachelor's Degree in Music Education from Penn State, and I also hold two Master's Degrees in Conducting and Music Theory from Penn State. I have been serving as the Director of Bands at Bangor Area High School since 2010, and I look forward to this new endeavor.

            Your membership in PMEA provides you with access to a myriad of benefits including adjudication festivals, advocacy efforts, periodical communications, a lending library, fests and festivals, professional development opportunities, workshops, webinars, conferences, and membership in our national organization NAfME. If you are not familiar with these opportunities, please visit www.pmea.net and explore everything your state organization has to offer. While you are surfing the web, check out the PMEA District 10 Website and all of the information pertinent to our corner of the state as well. Thanks to Jim Lykins for his diligent attention to this page through his service as our Web Master.

            This upcoming school year will be as busy as ever with festivals and fests. I would like to extend my gratitude to our hosts: Keith Gromis, Matt Tenaglia, Rich Horst, Jason Wenrich, Tonna Dieter, Chris Evans, Kimberly Van Orden, Lauren Sakasitz, Debra Reilly, and Carla Cappella. I would also like to thank Jason Lerew and Frank Anonia for their continued service as Instrumental and Choral Audition Hosts at Parkland High School, Rick Hilborn and Frank Anonia for their service as Audition Chairpersons, and Doug Bolasky, Frank Anonia, Carole Lutte, Lance Rauh, and Deb Heiney for serving as Festival and Fest Coordinators.

            As your school years begin, please keep in mind the following information. Nominations for this year's Citation of Excellence, Outstanding Superintendent, and Outstanding Young Music Educator Award are due by December 1. The Citation of Excellence should be awarded to an Elementary Teacher this year. Please send nominations to me anytime prior to the December deadline. PMEA District 10 offers scholarships to seniors who participate in district level festivals and who are planning to attend college and major in music. Applications for these scholarships are due to Dale Schimpf by December 23. Thank you to Dale for your several decades of service in this role.

            Please stay informed of important dates and deadlines by visiting the calendar page of the district website. I look forward to meeting and working with each and every one of you over the next two years. Feel free to contact me, or any of the district executive committee, should you ever need assistance.


Raise the Song,
Eric Hahn

President, PMEA District 10